Live In Mother Help/Parent Help

A mother/parent help is a carer who has got a genuine interest in children, who works under supervision on the daily running of the household.

A mother/parent help is willing and able to take on additional responsibilities such as longer hours(35+), care for younger children(under 2yrs) and care for more than 4 children.The mother’s/parent help will have at least 1 year’s relevant childcare experience. They may have cared for siblings, done regular babysitting or helped out at a local playgroup or camp and / or have a qualification.Duties regarding children will be according to their experience, the type of household and the ages of the children. An extra hand rather than someone who takes charge.

Depending on the childcare responsibilities expected, they will be able to help around the house with light housework and run errands.

If she is experienced and confident enough, she can take sole charge of the children at times. Unlike most nannies, mothers’ helps will normally do some light housework (dusting, vacuuming etc).

A mother/parent help will be expected to do 2 evenings per week babysitting.

A mother/parent help should receive 1 full free day and 3 evenings off per week.

Live In Mother/Parent Help recommended amount of wages per week is:

40 hours =£180
45 hours =£210

*Mother/Parent Helpers are not officially part of the au pair cultural exchange scheme. They are candidates who are willing and able to take on higher levels of responsibility, but are not fully qualified nannies or teachers. Mother/Parent Helpers are only exempt from minimum wage if they are treated as part of a family.

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