Live In Elderly Companion

au pair live in elderly companion carer helpThere are many elderly and lonely people who are quite able to look after themselves whose quality of life could be improved with the help of a Companion.

Many of our au pairs are happy to offer assistance, companionship, informal care and help for elderly people. They are non native English speaking candidates coming to the UK to learn the language whilst living with a British family in exchange for assistance with family life. They are sourced from our European agencies and are equipped with a medical and police check and character references.

This is an affordable alternative to the expensive costs from the elderly care system.

Our helpers are not medically qualified and live in.

This service is best suited to those who have less acute needs and do not require medical or specialised care and would like to remain in their own home.

The primary focus of the Elderly Companion is to provide emotional support and companionship. In addition to their regular duties, they help the client to live as independently as possible and help keep them alert by having conversations with them, playing games (crossword puzzles, scrabble, cards etc.) and helping them keep as physically active as possible (going for walks, light gardening etc.)

Light duties can include:

  • Cleaning/straightening a clients room, kitchen and bathroom
  • Vacumming
  • Dusting
  • Clients laundry
  • Change bed sheets and pillow cases plan and prepare meals
  • Food shopping
  • Assist client with outdoor activities (driving to doctors appointments, visiting friends & family ) help looking after pets

Elderly Companion recommended pocket money per week is;

25 hours = £110

35 hours = £150

40 hours = £180

45 hours = £210

* Additional required hours will be payable at a rate of £7.00 per hour.

Elderly Companions are not officially part of the au pair cultural exchange scheme. They are candidates who are willing and able to take on higher levels of responsibility, but are not fully qualified Home Helps or Nurses.

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