Au Pair

What is an Au Pair?

The term “au pair” means “on equal terms”. The Au Pair Programme is a Cultural Exchange Programme.

Mostly Au Pairs are young people between the age of 17-27, however BAPAA recommends that Au Pairs placed in the UK are aged 18 years and over. An au pair without visa requirements (from EU) can be older.

They are non-native English speaking candidates coming to the UK to learn the language whilst living with a British family in exchange for assistance with family life. They are sourced from our established overseas partners and are vetted with a Medical and Police Check and Character references.

The Au Pair will help look after children (over the age of 2 years) and do light housework in exchange for a comfortable room (own private room with window), pocket money, food, drink and have the chance to learn English and to get a taste of the host families cultural and social life.

An Au Pair can be expected to work from 25-30 hours per week and receive 28 days paid holiday for every 12 months she spends with her host family. To calculate the holiday entitlement for less than 12 months please use the following formula (1.66 days per month pro rata). An Au Pair should receive 2 free days each week and should have at least one full weekend off per month.

Two evenings per week babysitting is also included in the programme and additional pocket money should be given for any additional hours or evenings at a rate of £4.00 per hour.

Accepted light duties include;

  • images-2
    Washing dishes, including loading and unloading of the dishwasher preparing simple meals for children,
  • Keeping kitchen tidy and clean, sweeping and mopping floors,
  • loading and unloading laundry into washing machine/tumble dryer,
  • ironing for children,
  • Putting washed clothes away,
  • Vacuuming,
  • Dusting,
  • Making and changing children’s bed sheets/covers,
  • Cleaning children’s bathroom
  • Everything to do with keeping their own bedroom/bathroom clean and tidy light shopping (not weekly/monthly shop)
  • Walking and feeding of pets.

An Au pair is not permitted to have continuous sole charge of a child under the age of 2 years.

Recommended weekly pocket money is:

        25 hours = £80
26 – 30 hours = £95

Mini Mother’s Help

A Mini Mother’s Help provides all of the above which involves an Au Pair but can be expected to work up to 35 hours per week.

Au Pair Plus recommended weekly pocket money is:
35 hours = £120

Fees & Online Payments

View our fees and make online payments by PayPal or Credit Card on our Fees & Online Payments page here.

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