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Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. We at Unique Aupairs are a BAPAA Registered agency(British Au Pair Agencies Association) that is committed to delivering the highest standards of service and professionalism.

Our Director Anne Dedman, mother of 3 children is also an Executive Committee member of BAPAA who sits on the board. We specialize in providing Au Pairs, Mother/Parent help, Mini Mother’s Help and Elderly companions to match you and your families individual needs.

We prevent you having the inconvenience of finding the time to search through piles of applications, screening suitable candidates, interviewing and checking references and our work does not stop there. We are with you the whole length of your placement, supporting and mediating where required.

How we work

Our candidates are screened and interviewed by professionals, as we work with only the best Au Pair Agencies across Europe.


After you have read our Terms and Conditions and completed our brief online form you will receive a call from our office to give you more information and to discuss your individual or family needs. We will also need you to provide a “Dear Au pair” letter (an example can be found in the Host Families Guide) and some photos of the accommodation and/of your family so the candidate can have some idea of where they will be living and with whom.

Once we have collated more information we can then search through our list of candidates and liaise with our overseas partners. After we have found suitable candidates that match your requirements you will be emailed their full dossier and you can choose which candidate you would like to speak with, using SKYPE.

Once you have chosen your candidate we will then set up a mutual time for you and your candidate to have an informal chat. You can use this time to find out more about the candidate and ask any questions that you may have. We have produced a useful Interview Checklist document with suggested question for your interview. If you would like to have a further interview then we can arrange this for you.

After you have decided which candidate you would like to join your family, you will be required to send a written Invitation email to us outlining the duties or schedule, hours of work and pocket money that you will be offering, preferred arrival date and preferred airport. We will then forward this to the relevant agency and the candidate will accept in writing by email.

Once your candidate has been confirmed you will be invoiced for your PLACEMENT FEE which is payable on receipt. After payment is received the candidate will book their flight.

We will support you and your candidate every step of the way through the placement and someone will always be available to offer advice.

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    “Anne is a fabulous woman! She helped me with many things.
    She provided me support and accommodated me when I was in a bad and difficult situation.
    As an au pair I have to say: I really appreciate her work and her support!”

    3 August, 2016